Borderline is the eighty-first episode of Simon's Cat and the first part of the Jazz trilogy and the first appearance of Jazz

Plot Edit

Simon's Cat goes paw to paw with a territorial challenger. 

Simon's Cat went to get the ball which was thrown by Simon. Apparently, Jazz got in the way and the cat fight started. Unfortunately, both of the male cats got tired. 

Cat and Jazz later had a small contest to see who can scratch the tree higher than one another. 

First Cat and Jazz were on their tippy paws and scratched the tree. Then Jazz grabbed a flower pot, stood on top of it and scratched. Cat grabbed a bucket and stood on top of it while scratching the tree. 

Jazz went to get another flower pot and stacked it on top it another flower pot in order to beat Cat. 

Apparently, Cat tripped, fell off of the bucket and ran, thus giving Jazz a false victory. Jazz thought it was over so he licked his paw in victory. 

Apparently, Cat came back with a rake which gave Jazz a fright and ran off. When Jazz retreated, Simon's Cat finally got the ball he wanted. To finish it off, he pooped on Jazz's side of the borderline and sprinkled grass on the poop just to teach Jazz a lesson on not to mess with him.   

Video Edit

3) - SHORTS -82

3) - SHORTS -82

Trivia Edit

  • The colored version of the episode is seen in the Cat Fight special in 2020 along with On The Fence, Sunny Spot and Showdown
  • This is also the first appearance of Jazz who is the main villain in the series.
  • This is the second episode where Simon's Cat was seen pooping, thus making the series go over the radar.
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