Chloe is Simon's Cat's love interest. She is a female cat who is used to the finer things in life. Demure and somewhat snobbish, she exhibits a finicky appetite, munching on a trail of cat treats but angrily refusing a mouse offered by Simon's Cat in the first film.

She considers herself a lady and always tries to carry herself in that manner. She however loses all her manners when it comes to eating.

Despite her snobbiness, she and Simon's Cat were an official couple since Crunch Time, Simon's Cat Dash, Pop Time and Garden Time.

The following info contained spoilers for Simon's Cat: Garden Time. Read with caution Edit

Chloe fell in love with Simon's Cat after moving into the neighborhood with him and his owner.

It's confirmed that her owner is Penny who fell in love with her crush's owner as well.

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