Fly Guy is the fifth episode of Simon's Cat.

This short serves as a game for twisted pixel for viewers to make i knew an old lady.

Plot Edit

A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to catch a housefly.

I Knew an Old Lady: Side to Side Edit

 Original. Edit

A Hungry cat was chasing a fly and catches a housefly and Made Simon Swallow the Housefly and he Coughs up with a Fly buzzing inside his Stomach

Reboot. Edit

Piddles the Cat saw a housefly and She got Angry and She starts Chasing the Fly and she Started to Scream, Yowl, and Yell and Stops Yowling, Yelling, and Screaming She got the Fly and She said Gotcha Fly! and Made Grunty Gobble up the Fly and then Gruntilda Coughs Up with a Housefly buzzing in her stomach, and She ran away. 

Fly Guy - Simon's Cat - SHORTS -5

Fly Guy - Simon's Cat - SHORTS -5

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