Simon's Cat is a character that appears in the series of the same name. He is the main protagonist of the series.

Appearance Edit

Simon's Cat is a white cat, he has big eyes that have no spaces between them, a large white tail, and white paws, he sometimes shows his small claws. His signature gesture is to point at his mouth or dish whenever he wants food.

Personality Edit

Simon's Cat loves attention, and constantly annoys his owner, Simon, to either get his attention or to tell him he is hungry, when not annoying Simon, he is usually playing out doors or inside the house, such as when he was watching the Snails race each other in the episode "Ready, Steady, Slow!", he also likes to interact with objects new to him, like the TV or mirrors.

Simon's Cat dislikes The Kitten, and in fact, even tried to stuff him in a suitcase so he would go away!

Relationships Edit

Simon Edit

Simon is Simon's Cat' owner, it has been seen throughout the episodes that they have a bit of a love-hate relationship. Simon's Cat usually causes pain to his owner, Simon both mentally and physically.

Unfortunately, he was abused by Simon as well as seen in Fish Tank (where he sprays Cat when he didn't do anything wrong except just to get the fish) and The Missing Cat Special where he forces Cat to take a bath against his will which in turn causes him to run away from his owner.

The Kitten Edit

Simon's Cat and The Kitten do not have a very good relationship, it appears as if it's a jealousy type of thing on Simon Cat' side. The reason for Cat's envious of Kitten is because of how Kitten is always rewarded and not punished for his wrongdoings.

As seen in "Double Trouble", their very first time meeting each other, they didn't even like each other back then.

But later on in the episodes it has been shown that Simon's Cat has started a liking to The Kitten in "Muddy Paws" before Kitten left him to get the blame.


  • Simon's Cat is shown to dislike The Kitten, or at the least have a grudge against him. It's revealed that Kitten had caused him more trouble in few episodes that caused Cat to have the grudge.
  • He loves to eat. This is shown whenever he asks Simon for food.
  • Despite him being a jerk, he is a heroic and awesome cat in his own game apps (Crunch Time, Pop Time and Simon's Cat Dash)
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